Meet Dr. Tarun Kirpalani

Dr. Tarun Kirpalani graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree from the University Of Pennsylvania and received his dental degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine.

Driven by his passion to the field of dentistry, Dr. Kirpalani underwent a 2 year residency program for general dental practice at The Brooklyn Hospital Center and then took a teaching position at The Brooklyn hospital through the same program.

Dr. Kirpalani completed his Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Training at the Brooklyn hospital for an additional four years. During that period of time, he was trained in the full scope of oral maxillofacial surgery and took part in overseas surgical missions to treat patients with cleft lip and palate, pathology resections and jaw reconstruction. Dr Kirpalani is published in internationally recognized journals. Infection Control in the Dental Office and Topical & Local Anesthesia were two of his publications in The Dental Clinics of N America. His research at the University of Pennsylvania included topics such as How GPCR’s on mast cells and complement C3a regulate allergic responses and Periodontics research: collected and analyzed GCF samples of patients with chronic periodontitis to determine the role of various cytokines in the disease progression.

Below are some extracurricular and community activities that Dr. Kirpalani has dedicated his time in between his studies;

Dr. Kirpalani has been a member of:

  • UPenn’s Soccer and NY Men’s Intramural Soccer league
  • Psi Omega Fraternity – Community Service Chair & Fundraising Chair where he organized soup kitchen volunteering for members, and headed social fundraisers in collaboration with other graduate and undergraduate organizations.
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity – Philanthropy and Scholastic Chair where he headed social fundraisers in collaboration with other undergraduate organizations.
  • Penn Smiles program where he visited elementary schools for routine dental screenings and oral hygiene instruction.
  • Habitat for Humanity whom helped build homes for underprivileged communities.

Dr. Kirpalani has volunteered in the following programs:

  • Alpha Phi Omega National Community Service Fraternity – Ronald McDonald House and soup kitchen volunteer.
  • Chinatown Clinic & University City Hospital Coalition where he provided routine dental screenings and oral hygiene instructions
  • Nima Maamobi Gale Community Library teaching simple English and mathematics to underprivileged children.