Four Common Oral Surgery Procedures in Glen Rock and Ramsey

oral surgeon performing tooth extraction

Oral surgeons perform a variety of procedures like tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal and implants

Four Common Oral Surgery Procedures in Glen Rock and Ramsey

Anyone looking for an oral or maxillofacial surgeon who is qualified to take on common and complex procedures should visit Dr. Saker and the team at Ridgewood Oral Surgery & Implant Center. Our surgeons work with patients to help resolve problems with their teeth, jaw, or facial structures. They undergo years of specialized, more in-depth training following dental school, and many of our staff have anesthesia training.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For most people, wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 20. Wisdom teeth are additional molars that increase your chewing power; many people have them come in without any issues. However, you can experience problems with these teeth, and you may need an extraction if they crowd your existing teeth and push them forward or if they don’t come all the way through your gums. However, you should only need a few days to recover, and your pain levels are usually very low.

Tooth Extraction

Decay or wear and tear can cause your tooth to get infected, be painful, crack, or break. To fix this, Dr. Saker and our team in Glen Rock and Ramsey can perform an extraction. We’ll remove the problem tooth and clean out the socket, and we may place a stitch to ensure that it heals correctly. If your tooth is so infected that other treatment options are ineffective, tooth extraction will ensure you don’t have further issues.

Dental Implants

Lost teeth can cause gaps in your smile, and dental implants can flawlessly fill this space. This is a very common surgical procedure, but it can be complex. You may have to have several visits to finish the procedure, with the first visit involving implanting the post into your jawbone for the implant to adhere to. Next, you’ll get a few months to heal before returning for our oral surgeons to place the implant. If we find that you have poor bone structure, you may need a bone graft to stabilize the implant in your jaw. The result is a beautiful smile and a jaw in proper alignment.


When you have this surgery, you have a root on the end of a tooth with a curve. We’ll remove it and put a filler in place. Unfortunately, this curved growth pattern prevents our oral surgeons from getting their tools all the way to the root’s end, which means that we can’t remove all of the nerve tissue. This leaves your tooth open to infection or discomfort. Removing this hooked tip allows us to treat your dental infection or problem.

Oral Surgery – Four Complex Procedures

More complex cases require that you have an oral surgeon with niche training. Whether your surgeon has the qualifications and experience necessary to perform your surgery depends on the area they chose to specialize in and their schooling.

Facial Reconstruction

Blunt-force trauma to your face can cause a broken or fractured jaw, missing or loose teeth, and damage to your other bones, tendons, and muscles. You’ll most likely need the skill of an oral or maxillofacial surgeon to help with your facial reconstruction to restore your looks. These are usually more in-depth procedures focusing on your mouth, jaw, or face, and many of them require general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. It’s common to spend the night in the hospital post-surgery to ensure everything is okay. If you have severe trauma requiring total facial reconstruction, you may have several surgeries in a few months or years.

Bone Repair

If you have a fractured or broken jawbone, oral surgery usually addresses it. Severe fractures or breaks can make it hard for you to eat or breathe, so it’s imperative that you address it quickly. Our oral surgeons can deduce how bad your break or fracture is and what the best treatment option is when you visit our offices.

Sleep Apnea

Surgery is a very common fix for sleep apnea. We may recommend performing a tongue advancement, placing soft palate implants, or removing tissue from your throat and soft palate to make it easier for you to breathe.

Cleft Palate or Lip

Plastic surgeons commonly perform this surgery on small children. However, oral surgeons will have to have specialized training to correct a cleft palate or lip if it starts interfering with your eating or speech capabilities. While fixing a cleft lip or palate in an adult isn’t nearly as common as doing so on a young child, this is a great example of how our surgeons can work alongside a full healthcare team.

Oral Surgery – What Should You Expect?

When you come to your first appointment, Dr. Saker and the team will take a look at your gums, jaw joints, teeth, and surrounding structures. Then, they may order x-rays so they can get a clearer picture of your teeth, jawbone, and nerves, and they’ll use the results to create a custom treatment plan.

Depending on our findings, we may suggest you have an outpatient surgical procedure in our office. We have multiple sedation options to help ensure you’re comfortable and have no anxiety surrounding your procedure, and you can choose from deep or moderate sedation using nitrous oxide, IV sedation, or oral sedation. If you require more invasive surgery, you may have to go to the hospital and have it under general anesthesia.

 When you finish your procedure, our oral surgeons will give you post-operative instructions that you have to follow to help minimize the chances of complications arising, like bleeding or infections.

Enquire About Oral Surgery in Glen Rock and Ramsey at Ridgewood Oral Surgery & Implant Center

In Glen Rock and Ramsey, our patients know that Dr. Saker and the staff at Ridgewood Oral Surgery & Implant Center include high-quality oral surgeons that have the necessary training to perform complex or standard dental surgery. No matter if you need implants, bone reconstruction, or something else, the staff at Glen Rock and Ramsey are ready to create a custom treatment plan.

We’ll talk you through each step of the treatment while ensuring that you are comfortable and confident in our abilities before, during, and after surgery. Contact us to book an appointment.